Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Break 2015

This spring break we trekked down to Utah and hung out with my parents.  
The main reason we headed down to Utah was my wanting the boys to have the experience of going to a priesthood session of conference when they both have the priesthood.  They haven't said much about the experience but I hope they were able to gain a stronger testimony of the priesthood and the good it can do.  

While we were in Utah we were able to go visit Moab and hike around Arches National Park.  
The first afternoon we were able to hike up to Delicate Arch. 
It was a fun easy hike but very windy.  

The second day we hiked to devils garden.  Along the way we were able to see many arches---I think around six.  It was amazing to see all the different formations.  
 Landscape Arch was my favorite but Pine Arch is not far behind.  I also loved seeing the landscape for miles and miles all around us.
 They may fight all day long and annoy each other to the verge of wanting to kill each other but really deep down inside they love each other. 

 Moab was Thomas' playground.  
He probably hiked twice as much as any of us by running up and down rocks, jumping off rocks and just climbing everywhere.  I do not think he was on the ground much.
 Some of the fins we hiked on where pretty scary if you thought about it to much.  
But boy was it beautiful and sunny!!!!

Chris loved taking pictures with his new camera.  

 The boys saw people sand sliding so they thought they would try it out.  
They had a blast running up and down the mountain sliding and jumping!
 The third day we were there we to Canyonlands National Park.  
It was pretty but really windy and cold.

The last couple of days were spent hanging and shopping!!!
Lizzy was able to make a dress for West.

 Henry was able to tour Utah State campus.  
He has decided he would like to go there and major in Mechanical Engineering.
And Thomas went through Grandma's books and took home 28 books that he found interesting.  I think Thomas has finished 3 so far. 

We were also able to go tour Grandpa's new shop.  
Boy---Thomas was drooling.  Both boys could spent months there!  
The boys were able to play around with the lathe, welding and the laser printer.

The kids were sad to have to go home with their grumpy, mean parents. 


As many of you know, Thomas decided to join the wrestling team at Stevens.  Since he had never wrestled before, I considered him very brave.  Thomas had a wonderful season.  I was able to see the improvement he was making each week.  In the regular season in won 2/5 matches or was it 3/5 matches (cannot remember).  But when he went to the league meet he was able to win 2/3 matches and got 2nd place in his group.

Monday, March 23, 2015

January, February and March

Well, I am a little behind in blogging.  2 excuses but not great ones---Chris got a new camera and I am not taking pictures like I was.  And he needs to convert the pictures so I can use them.  And the last week or so, I feel like I have a normal routine again after moving and the crazy construction. The construction in mostly done (except for some stuff they need to do outside when it is dry!!!)  

We have been busy doing sports, church and just the day to day grind.  
 Henry was able to compete in his first meet ever.  He did awesome.  He swam 4 events or was it 5.  He did an IM, backstroke, freestyle (100 and 500) and he did a relay team.  I guess it was 5!!!  He did pretty good in all.  

 One of those rear moments where Henry and Lizzy are getting alone
(even though I made Henry read to Lizzy).  
 Oh-Maggie (yes you put up with a lot but so do we!!!).  
She is doing much better after resting for a couple of months.  But we still need to be careful on how much she she runs!!!!
 Henry has been steel-head fishing this year with his fishing buddy.
Hasn't caught anything yet but the year is young. 

 Chris had his 40th birthday (no pictures of him---he is taking pictures!!!!)
 We went hiking in February up Mount Storm King.  We had a really mild winter with no snow but lots of rain!!
 Lizzy and Henry had a school program (on Henry's Birthday).  
Henry did not want to do it.  No smiles from him.  Lizzy did a part where she was a ballet leaping across the stage.  She was adorable 

 Finally it is Henry's 12th birthday. 
(I think we have counted down since Thomas turned 12) 
He doesn't have to stay home with the girls (while Chris and Thomas are camping) and do just dance, paint his fingernails and listen to frozen.  
 Henry's first camp out was the weekend after he turned 12!!!!
It was the Klondike.  A bunch of different scout troops come and compete on outdoor skills!!!! 
I do not think they won any competition but they had a fun time.  There are 6 to 10 Active Deans in our ward now!!!!

Well, I better go---off to get the kid-o's.  Stay tuned---I have more pictures coming of the kids activities!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Break

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
We had a wonderful break hanging out with one another.
We didn't go anywhere or do anything extra special this winter break.  
We just hung out--read books, played games, annoyed each other, went for walks and watched the construction workers. 

Poor Lizzy had to wait til 8 am for her brothers to wake up.
She was ready when we all decided to wake up!!!
It is just hard to wake up when it doesn't get light until 8am.  

This Christmas we got an air hockey table and a ping pong table.  
It has been really fun to play!!!

Maggie finally got a pillow to lay on.  Boy---was she excited.  
Thomas has named it Maggie's throne.  

Lizzy got a Lego set for Christmas.  
It was really fun to put together.
She is hooked.

For New Years we had a night of games.  
We played Just Dance, Settlers, Rummy, and had a tournament of champions for air hockey and ping pong.    It is debatable who won at Just Dance, Chris won Settlers, and Rummy.  Henry won at air hockey and we didn't finish Ping pong because someone was really grumpy (will not name names!!!!) 

We also took a family picture at 12 since we didn't get one family picture last year!!!!